Saturday, April 18, 2015

Temptations Influenster VoxBox

Hello. It's been a long time (since the last voxbox) but I've been super busy with school. Senior year! OMGosh! But that's another post.

Poor Ziva has been rather upset with me for spending more time with my books than her. When she got a box in the mail, she was super excited. I just left in on the floor for a bit, closed. You know how boxes are just cat traps in disguise? Well, she hung out with that box forever before she really started trying to open it. It was kind of funny. Her feet are super big (she's a poly) and she actually has "thumbs" so she almost got it open herself!

I opened it up and the photo above is her getting her first peek at what's inside. She's really curious about that mouse! I opened it for her and set it in the box sans treats and she batted it around a bit. I think she thought it was funny that she could bat it and it just came back for more.

When the novelty of the mouse itself wore off, we added some of the new Temptations treats to the mouse. She thought it was super cool that batting the mouse now resulted in noms. She got really good about inspecting where the holes were so she could figure out which side to hit it on. Before long, she had it down to an art.

When we were giving her treats before, she was eating them way too fast and it made her sick. This slows her down a bit, though not by much I'll tell ya. Still, she didn't get sick from eating them too fast.

Ziva's gives it 4 paws up, big paws at that. She recommends one to all of her kitty friends. Ziva wants you to know that she received this lovely little gift free of charge from Influenster for the purposes of testing. Her review is her own and we were not otherwise compensated for our review. We were not encouraged to review one way or the other, so this is our honest review. With the dispenser, the treats work great. Without it, she was just getting too sick. I like the dispenser because I don't have to clean up cat ick anymore. So THANK YOU!