Thursday, August 7, 2014

Blog Hop With A Difference

Hello and good evening. I seem to be blogging more often these days, which isn't to say I have more time. Quite the opposite in fact. I'm two weeks from a full 18 credit semester in college and knee deep in various crafty projects that I've started. Speaking of the crafty projects, I am honored to be nominated by my good friend Cassandra Sloan at Moms Crafty Closet to be a part of the "Blog Hop With a Difference". I met Cassandra when we both were part of various craft groups at Cafemom and we stayed friends as we transitioned over to Facebook. Whatever is next in this great internet world of ours, I expect that Cassandra and I will be lifelong friends. Blog Hop With a Difference is a blog hop designed to give our community of crafters a network to meet other crafters, get to know something about our creative process, and possibly even pick up some inspiration along the lines. I, myself, get quite a bit of inspiration from my interactions with other crafters and I especially enjoy their ideas on organization since I am juggling quite a few interests in a small space.

The great thing about the crafting world in general is that we all seem to have our own style. I think this mostly comes about from picking and choosing ideas and inspirations from those we look up to and then creating our own style from that mixture. It's always good to have other crafters out there to keep you inspired. I've personally always loved Cassandra's use of colors and she is a great photographer. I confess that I envy the fantastic photos she gets (and it seems to come so easily to her).

On to the questions:

Question 1: What am I working on at the moment?
Well that's a loaded question. The easy answer is...everything. When I received the message from Cassandra, I was in the middle of sewing a minky baby blanket to give to a friend who is expecting her first child. I'm still working on that as well as some carding of fibers, spinning on my CS2 and my Kromski Symphony, dyeing new fibers, and learning different stitches in crochet. I've also got a couple of beading projects planned and I try to draw or sketch weekly as well. I enjoy coloring and I also write. I'm currently working on a couple of writing projects; one is about my life and the other is just a fantasy story. Basically, if there's a craft project out there, I want to try it! I cannot get enough of being creative.

Question 2: How does my work differ from others?
For starters, I'm definitely interested in many types of crafts and I actively pursue all of them. I am also extremely concerned with the feel of projects. For instance, my fabrics and yarns are always soft. I don't like working with anything that doesn't feel good close to my skin. My husband says that I have an eye for color that he rarely sees and it impresses him. I guess it really depends on which work you're talking about. I'm a perfectionist in all things, so that is definitely something you'll see throughout my projects. If I make a mistake, I start over. My sewing, fiber works, and beading tend to be extremely bright and colorful while my drawing and writing is rather dark most of the time. The thing about crafting is that there are always those out there that might have a similar style, but no one is exactly like anyone else unless they are working hard to copy. And most of us would rather have our own style.

Question 3: Why do I craft?
Well, out of necessity really. The world is so bright and vivid to me and I must express that somehow. Also, crafting offers me something that nothing else ever could, a sense of calm and relaxation that I've never been able to find anywhere else. It is both the expression and release of emotions for me, a cleansing of sorts. I am very passionate about the things that I create. I guess it's also my way of contributing beauty to the world.

Question 4: How does my creative process work?
I sort of touched on this in the previous question. Mostly my creative process is a direct result of how I am feeling in any given moment. It's an expression and a release of emotions for me, both light and dark. I say light and dark because I don't believe that there are "good" or "bad" emotions, just different ones. I'm also heavily inspired by nature and by the memory of my daughter.

Those were all the questions I was given. If you have more, I'm always happy to answer questions.

I am going to nominate Hannah Miller with EdventureGirl. I actually got to know Hannah's mother through her wonderful group on Facebook. Then I started following Hannah's blog and I have to say that she is one very inspiring girl. Her music is beautiful, she hand sews the most beautiful clothing, and she writes so very well and much beyond her years. It's always a pleasure to read her blog.

My second nomination goes to Natalie Redding with Namaste Farms. She is one of the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know online and I'm so glad for it because she sincerely is a wealth of information for one of my favorite pasttimes, fiber arts. If it has to do with fiber arts, odds are Natalie knows about it. She runs a farm in California and she has regular podcasts which I highly recommend you watch.

Last, but certainly not least is my sister, Sharra. She is the owner/operator of Serendipity Handmade Boutique and she's just plain awesome. I might be biased a tad. You can visit her blog, Sharra Loving Life.

Thank you for stopping by! Be sure to visit forward and back on the hop to learn more about the crafting community! It's a small world out there, you might just already know someone!