Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Walking into 2014: Being Present in the Moment

I actually had nothing planned to write for today. Then I came across a friend's blog post and I decided to answer her question: What does the new year look like from your place on the path?

You can see her blog post here:

I made a decision before the new year started to try to live in the moment and to experience each moment with all of my senses. So, when I read her blog post, I knew it was a great place to start. To really just sit in the moment and try to capture what I was hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, seeing, and feeling.

I spent 2013 doing a lot of soul searching and really fumbling around with who I was and what I wanted. It took the better part of a year to realize that who I am isn't this set in stone kind of idea. It's an ever-changing, adapting presence and I'm learning to be okay with that. What I want also changes, sometimes by the moment and sometimes by the day. I am constantly embellishing or removing parts of what I've planned based on the current needs and/or wants of me and my family. I'm okay with that now too.

So..what DOES the new year look like from my current place on the path? Well...

The New Year sounds like jeans rubbing across carpeting as my youngest son plays with our kitten. She is 12 pounds and not yet a year old, so her large feet thump loudly as she chases the stuffed mouse he dangles in front of her. The clicking of keys on a keyboard, mine and my husbands, as we both work toward a goal. Mine to bring in the New Year with a passion for the newness I feel. Him to offer some witty response to something he's seen on Imgur if I'm not mistaken. The clacking of the vent covers in the bathroom are the only indication I have of the windy conditions outside our door, which will remain closed except to run out to view fireworks later.
It smells like fresh winter air from the door being opened to see those fireworks, wool that I'm currently knitting into a scarf, and the ever present smell of coffee which makes me think of friends, conversations, and warmth.
It tastes like an organic banana, Dragon Eye Oolong Tea, and the occasional bit of milk chocolate with caramel. At the stroke of midnight, it tastes like moscato wine, sweet and tart at the same time.
It feels like soft yarns, comfy big blankets, fuzzy socks, and a warm mug of tea in my hands. It feels like the brush of my husband's lips across mine as we ring in the new year. It feels like the arms of my children wrapping around my neck in an embrace as they finally decide to go to bed.
It looks like the explosion of so many colors in a dark night sky as the neighborhood celebrates the coming of the new year with fireworks and the heat of the explosions cause trails of white smoke in the cold night. It looks like the big sky, even at night, Montana is so famous for.
I sense the hope and the expectations from my friends, my family, and even strangers. It surrounds me, that hope and those expectations, and I can't help but feel it too. I am happy now, where I am. And for once, I'm not looking at tomorrow, I'm here in this moment. This is my current place on my path.

I hope you'll read her post. It's poetic really. It also offers a really good start to the new year. A reflection on where you are now.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I really do hope it is wonderful and filled with realized hopes, met expectations,  and fulfilled goals.

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Jenn Miller said...

Shannon... such a lovely post... I'm so glad mine inspired you. I love that you've discovered that who you are is an evolution... that's freeing isn't it... so out of the box... :) Wishing you the HAPPIEST of New Years.