Monday, August 12, 2013

My Life in 250 Words (or less)

Me: Kindergarten
Wasn't I adorable??
I found some blog ideas online, including a blog per day challenge over at Story of My Life. It was a challenge for May, but I suppose the month doesn’t really matter. I can’t promise to blog daily, but I can go through the challenges. The first day is to tell the story of your life in 250 words or less. That IS a challenge, but I suppose I shall give it a try:
I was once asked, “Who are you?” My answer was one I assume most people would give. I am a mother, a wife, a student, a daughter, a lover of animals, an advocate for children, and many other “hats” I wear. I was told that was an incorrect answer, but I was not told what the answer should be, only that I would know when I had the answer. That left me feeling incredibly frustrated and I still don’t have that mysterious answer.
I can tell you that my name is Shannon Marie McMillan. I’m 37 years old. I’ve been married to my better half for 15 years and we have two boys, Jaden and Jordan. We live in Montana, which I’ve just recently grown to love, and we have an adorable, yet mischievous cat named Ziva. Before this marriage, I was married two other times. I’ve had two other children. One is now 18 and married. The other is in my heart forever. I was born in Florida. I am the eldest of my two sisters, but have four older half-siblings. My childhood was mostly traumatic peppered with good memories. I was abused in many ways and loved in many others. I’ve learned a lot from my experiences and I strive each day to find a way to help others using that knowledge.
My life has been complicated, rough, educational, and passionate; a lifetime of many lifetimes. It deserves more than 250 words to be certain.
There you have it, in 247 words. I imagine I’ll expand later on. It is my intention, at some point, to write a memoir. We’ll see how that goes.

Could you write about your life in 250 words or less? 

Monday, August 5, 2013

10 Guilty Pleasures 2013

I've done one of these before and I thought it would be interesting to do one a year so that I could see if there were changes as time went on. I'm sure they will be. Let's find out!

1. Yarn. I love yarn, especially hand-dyed, hand spun yarn. I will voraciously hoard any type of yarn though and have quite the collection.

2. Fabric. So many gorgeous textures and colors! I have a really difficult time cutting the fabric once I've gotten it though, so I've ended up with quite the collection of that as well.

3. Music. I will find a song I like and play it over and over again for days or weeks, until I've found another song that I really like. The current song is Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke.

4. Skull Candy. I have some and yet it's never enough. I think I would collect their entire line if I could! I simply love the sound and the fit and the style. Awesome stuff!

5. Chocolate covered Strawberries. I do believe these will remain a fixture on my guilty pleasures list for a long time! They are my absolute favorite!

6. The Bohemian and/or Gypsy look. I love it. I found a hairstyle I'd love to try that involves tons of braids along with yarn in your hair! Wouldn't that be the coolest? The only picture I found is one with a girl who is quite a bit younger than me, but acting my age is overrated anyway.

7. Naps. I just LOVE a good nap. Mostly because I don't really sleep well at night, but also because there is just something about getting to sleep during the day when I really "should" be doing something else!

8. Bags. Like purses or book bags or messenger bags. I love them. I have no idea what to do with most of them, but I love them.

9. Journals. I have a ton of them. I can't bring myself to write in them, but I have a ton of them. I's a silly thing. I really "should" write in them. Soon. Ooh, maybe they'd be a good place to brainstorm blog topics!

10. New pillows. I just love a new pillow. I'd buy a new one every month if I could (totally not financial possible, but a girl can dream). They are so fluffy when they are new!!! I LOVE that!

What are your guilty pleasures? Do we have any that are the same?

Friday, August 2, 2013


This is my current Facebook profile photo on my personal page. I was asked what this picture represented. It was one of those that came across my Facebook feed, but it spoke to me, so I kept it. A girl holding a book that is burning. How could that possibly speak to me? Well, the meaning behind it, for me, is this: I have a Memoir that I want to write about my life. When I write the book, I want to burn the first copy. The reason is because it will be a literal and figurative way to letting go of my past permanently. While I don't typically advocate burning books (I LOVE to read) this is the one exception because I really do feel like it would be a cleansing moment for me. So I use the photo to remind me of that goal...the goal of letting go of the past mistakes to focus on the present. 

This blog post is pinched from my friend Kellie over at Give a Girl a Blog. You should go check her out. She's super cool and super creative, plus she updates her blog more frequently than I do. 

Getting on with it...

LOVING... I'm loving learning how to dye and spin my own yarn! I'm currently using a drop spindle and I'm so happy with the results. You can see them on my Facebook Fan Page if you want to look at all of them. It all started by joining a few fiber groups on Facebook and it just sort of ballooned from purchasing fibers from other wonderful artists to wondering what I could create myself. I am happy with the results so far! 

READING... I am currently reading and working through The Magic by Rhonda Byrne. I already watched the documentary and this just seemed to be the right thing for now. What I can say is that it is really helping me realize what I have in my life that I can be grateful for and is helping me view my days in a positive light. I highly recommend it. I find some chapters more challenging than others, but usually figure out a way to work with them.  

WATCHING... All of my typical favorite shows are offline for the summer, so I am currently watching my Summer favorites which include Rookie Blue, Hell's Kitchen, and Master Chef. Otherwise we watch the occasional movie. My husband and I recently decided to start showing our children movies from our childhood. Up first: The Sound of Music. They loved it!

ANTICIPATING...I am anticipating spinning up some new fibers I have been holding on to and then deciding what I will make with them. I am also anticipating learning Tunisian Crochet!  


I have been replaying Just Give Me A Reason over and over and over and over. I am also listening to The Lacs, Blake Shelton, and of course, Maroon 5.  

PLANNING... I have been planning what classes I'll be taking at school this fall and trying to get my book list together. Okay, I've been procrastinating with the book list.   

WORKING ON... I am working on a spinning a few batts of this lovely pink and silver yarn. Yummy! 

SET BACKS... I was working around the yard last year and managed to severely sprain my ankle for the second time in my life. It didn't get better as they said it would, so I had to go in for an MRI. It turns out I have a torn ligament, a torn tendon, and arthritis in that ankle. So, moving around is a challenge and they are recommending that I wear a boot. It's making the hiking I had planned for the summer a bit of a challenge for sure. 

WISHING... I wish I could get my most recent tattoo touched up. It faded pretty bad, but my tattoo guy moved down to Georgia. Finding a new one is no fun. I wish I could get a spinning wheel because evidently they are quite a bit faster than the drop spindle.  

Well...I think I've done good by this one. Maybe I can come up with more topics and do another one of these soon. If there's a blog post you want to see, I'm happy to hear about it too! Thanks for reading!