Monday, July 30, 2012

Jewelry and Green Bay Packers

I was seeing a lot of green and yellow together lately and I wondered how it would look together on a piece of jewelry. The picture is the result of my question.
I've taken large green glass crystals and capped them with Tibetan Silver bead caps, then separated them with smaller green glass crystals and clusters of yellow glass crystals. I added a small amount of matte black beads as an accent to make the colors appear richer and darker.
When I posted this on my Facebook page to get reactions from friends, everyone said it looked like a Green Bay Packers Bracelet. So there ya go! My attempt at something "football" I guess.
Truth is, I don't actually watch football. Neither does my husband. We're more of the geek and technology types instead of the Sunday football types. I suppose you could mix the two, but I honestly cannot stand to sit there long enough to watch an entire game. However, my oldest son (12) does watch football and one of the teams he likes is the Green Bay Packers. I have no idea how he chooses the teams he likes.
If you are interested in this bracelet, it is available in my Etsy store at: This is one of a kind, so once it is gone, it is gone.
Do you watch football? What team(s) is your favorite? How did you decide?