Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Projects for 2012

I really have no intention of making New Year's Resolutions this year. Typically, it's just a feel-good promise to myself that I usually forget all about before my birthday anyway. So, this year I just have some projects I plan to work on for 2012. I thought I'd share them with you and I would be thrilled to hear your thoughts on some or all of them.

1. A healthier me. This one actually started last year. I quit drinking soda. I guess I shouldn't say I completely quit. I don't drink soda everyday. In fact, I haven't had a soda in over a week. My plan is to try to make other choices, healthier choices. Not just about soda either, but about other things. Obviously I want to eat right and find a way to be more active. I also need to deal with some stress (this is another blog post altogether) and other things that in the end will make me a healthier person. In the end, it is about feeling good about myself when I wake up in the morning and living long enough to see my boys grow up to be the men they are to become.

2. School. I have been going to school for some time now. The reason I started school was simple, I was bored out of my mind once the boys started school and I wanted to feed my mind. I always loved school, so I went back for the education and for the stimulation of it all. There was no goal. There never has been. I tend to lean toward Psychology and Sociology courses because I'm comfortable with the material and I have a lot of life experience that I feel allows me to add something to my classes. I'd like to branch out a little into the arts and literature because I enjoy those things. I've avoided them so far because there are no right answers, so I was never sure how to "ace" the class. I want to go back to going to school for the experience. I'm sure the grades will follow. I suppose I might have to start looking toward graduating at some point as well since school can get rather expensive.

3. One aspect of our business is to find furniture that is headed to the dump or that someone is selling cheap because it is not in good condition and then fix it up and sell it at a reasonable cost to families in our hometown. There is a severe lack of affordable furniture here unless you want  the assemble yourself stuff from walmart. It has it's place, but I think that recycling or upcycling things really helps the environment and can create really unique, one of a kind pieces. It's not just furniture either. There's just so much out there that can be done to use or reuse items in unique and trendy ways. Throwing stuff is such a waste and it really does take up so much space in landfills. We are currently in a campaign through Indiegogo to fund this particular aspect of our business. Go check out the link: and please, leave a comment letting us know you were there. We appreciate the support. Also, feel free to forward on the link through facebook, blog posts, or twitter. Don't forget to check out the Perks for your donations while you are there. We've teamed up our two businesses to provide some pretty  nice ones that I think you'll really love.

4. The other aspect of my business is handmade items. Right now, I'm focusing on my handmade items, which consist of handmade jewelry, knitted items, crocheted items, sewn items, and sometimes I make handmade greeting cards. Custom orders are always welcome. You can find my business on Facebook at: and on Etsy at: I do giveaways on Facebook frequently, plus that is the place to find out about coupon codes for the Etsy store. You can also find some antique, vintage, or collectible items on Etsy if they fit the guidelines for Etsy. Items that do not fit the guidelines for Etsy can be found on my Facebook page or you can visit my Yardsellr Yard Sale at: I tend to list most of my destash items there too. Sometimes we use our local craigslist for larger items, but I post those listings on the Facebook page too. I hope you'll stop by and fan the page, I'd love to see you there. Also, if you have a facebook fan page, leave me a note and I'll fan you back. And you are welcome to add me to your circle on Etsy and I will add you back.

5. My hope is to have the entire business combined together and then branded appropriately to really let customers know what we're all about and what we want to accomplish. Once we've found our look and our name, we hope to open a real store in our home town by the end of the year. There's so many ideas we have for this store and we're sure you are going to love them. I hope you'll stick with us for the journey because I'm sure you'll love what you are going to see from us in the near future. If you want to help us in this venture, please visit the indiegogo link, spread the word, donate if you can (the lowest donation is $5.00), and show us your support!

I'm sure other projects will come and go throughout the year. Life is about changing and adjusting. These five are the ones I want to truly focus on and make the dreams come to a reality. Especially the business. I really believe in this business and I really believe that this is the best idea for our family. So, what do you think? Please give me your input, as that is how we get better!

What are your projects for 2012? Share one or a few, we'd love to hear them!


Javachic said...

I love your "projects" idea. No let down if you don't get them done or have a slip. I know you and your husband will pull this all together and things will be looking up.

tolmema said...

I loved my AP English class in high school - it really prepped me for my college English classes (actually, my college English classes were literally just a repeat of my AP English class LOL). I really liked my professors and did very well in that subject. Now that I think about it, I really do miss analytic writing!