Tuesday, January 3, 2012

10 Guilty Pleasures Of Mine

10 Guilty Pleasures..of Mine.

I have a hard time with this because when I enjoy something, it is really difficult to feel guilty about it. However, I suppose I do have some that make me think twice. Such as...

1. Chocolate Covered Strawberries. I'm supposed to be trying to eat healthy, lose weight, yada, yada. I cannot imagine that, despite the fact that strawberries ARE a fruit, anything slathered in chocolate could be considered good for you. So, when eating them, I have no cares in the world. Afterwords, I wonder just how mean the scale will be to me.

2. Moscato Wine. As a general rule, I don't usually drink. For starters, I have children. Children that are rarely ever away from me except for those times when they are at school or the rare occasion that I leave them with my mother-in-law to go on a *gasp* date with my husband. I do not personally believe in drinking around children. Not that I haven't done it, I have. And I don't care if you do. I'm just not entirely sure I consider it a good idea in MY personal parenting handbook. However, moscato wine is my weakness. I'll drink the bottle if you'll let me. Good news is that I rarely buy the stuff.

3. Twilight. I don't care if it's the books or the movies. I don't care if it's Edward or if it's Jacob. I'm team BOTH of them! Get your mind out of the gutter! For some strange reason, this story captured my attention. I read the entire series in 2 days. Then I was sad because I had finished it too quickly and I knew I would not get to be with the characters anymore. I could always read it again and again, but it wouldn't be the same. So I spend my time hoping Ms. Stephanie Meyer will indulge me and write another book telling us more about Bella and Edward. Does Jacob stick around? Does he end up with Bella and Edward's child when she grows up? Too many unanswered questions for me.

4. The Emo/Goth look. When I was growing up, I rocked that black hair with the burgundy highlights, the black clothing, the massive crosses, the bangs in my eyes, the dark eyeliner. Now I have children and I feel like I'm not supposed to dress that way anymore. But it is still in there. Lately I've been severely tempted to dye my hair black, cut some long bangs, and start wearing black eyeliner again. My kids assure me that they would not be humiliated beyond belief, but they are only 9 and 11, give them another year or two and I'm sure the tune will change. Still, maybe it wouldn't be so bad to rock the style just once more?

5. Coffee. Specifically, Starbuck's Caramel Macchiato. Oh. My. GAWD! That stuff is so amazing. Of course, you must ask for extra caramel AND dump a load of raw sugar into it...just to make it extra sinful. 3 shots of espresso should do it too. Why do I feel guilty you may ask? Well, have you SEEN the price of that stuff? It isn't cheap folks. Buy it a few times a week and you could make a house payment by the end of the year. Still, once in a while won't hurt anyone. Right?

6. Keno. I love those automated games, not the live keno. I NEVER win at live keno. Of course, I never really win at the automated games either. I've walked out with $20 or more sometimes, but if you left me alone, I can spend an entire paycheck in one of those places. Don't believe me? Ask my husband. When we first got married, I actually did that once. Oops. So now he goes with me and we have a limit. Still, it's fun to dream of possibly winning the jackpot, whether it's keno or the lottery. It is one of my favorite conversations..."What would you do if you won the lottery?"

7. The Mustard Seed General Mustard's Chicken with a side of Asian Slaw and those shrimp rangoons. YUMMO! I will literally drive the 2 hours it takes to get that meal. Not a problem. If you haven't tried it...come to Montana immediately and go go go! It is a must!

8. Collecting fabric. I've sewn two things in my entire life. One was a half apron and the other was a really big rag blanket. However, I have mounds of fabric in my house. I REALLY like it all and I'm really afraid to mess it up, so I tend not to use it, just collect it. I should probably use it. I'll work on that this year.

9. Having packages delivered to me. I will sign up for every free thing this side of the Mississippi River to get something in the mail other than bills. I LOVE packages. RAK packages, magazines, samples, whatever. I just love getting mail for ME that does not ask me for something in return (like a check for the monthly amount due).

10. Stuffed animals, especially stuffed teddy bears and amigurumi. They are cute and fuzzy...and cute. Oh, and my husband doesn't get terribly ticked off when I bring one home. Maybe a little, but a lot less than if it's breathing. I tend to be a critter rescuer and he doesn't appreciate the strays I bring home. Some of them tend to get a little anxious about being inside, like that one feral cat that tried to take his arm off or that one falcon I picked up on the highway. Anyway, back to the stuffed toys. I just LOVE amigurumi lately. I have a collection of these adorable little octopus made by a friend of mine who owns Little Sticky Fingers on Etsy. Trouble is, I have allergies and stuffed critters collect dust. A good air fluff in the drier fixes that right up though.

11. I'll have to add an extra one for good measure...Shopping. Etsy. eBay. Yardsellr. Listia. Amazon. Wherever...I just LOVE shopping. I don't even really HAVE to buy it because they've created pinterest which is like a permanent shopping cart that you can go back and look at whenever you want.

So....what is YOUR guilty pleasure? Tell me so I might possibly add it to my list! :)


Just a Marketing Mom said...

Coming to you from www.justamarketingmom.com. Love your blog! Thanks for entering out giveaway! :)

tolmema said...

I'm a fan of the Twilight series, but I am 100% team Jacob. :) I also love me some coffee....and anything crafty that does not contribute directly to paying bills (aka all of my crafty stuff).