Saturday, January 16, 2010

Long Cold Winter

I have some cards I'd like to share with you today. They are fairly simple, but I am proud of them none-the-less. Around the halfway point of my long winter break from school I got extremely cabin-feverish. With the cold, the snow, and not really having a reason to leave the house I was simply too bored. So, I asked my boys if they wanted me to make their Valentine Day cards for school this year. Surprisingly enough, they were very enthusiastic about the idea. I gathered up all of my "lovey-dovey" type stamps and allowed them each to choose two images. I made 12 of each card for a total of 48 cards. Phew!
Jaden, my oldest, chose Changito Pair and lovey Huggabugg. I couldn't decide if I liked the dots on the lovey huggabugg spaced further apart or close together, so I did 6 of each there.

Jordan, my youngest, chose Monica Romances by House Mouse and the mouse from Happy Heart Day by Stampin' Up.

My personal favorites are the Changitos and the House Mouse. I love how those two turned out! I hope you like them! I think I'll be doing this every year for awhile. The kids were so excited and I was happy to have something to do!

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LINDA said...

WOW You have been busy.. These are all just to cute..Love that little mouse with the heart..Great job..
Hugs, Linda